May 2011

May 31, 2011

Concerns with Call Tracking

Concerns with Call Tracking Companies using Search Engine Optimization techniques such as Pay-Per-Click marketing, Google Places, CitySearch and other things often use a feature known as call tracking. With call tracking you have a paid search campaign that brings you information pertaining to phone conversions along with call recording. This is designed to provide you with online and offline numbers to see which advertising campaigns are working and which ones need some tweaking. Businesses turn to call tracking to boost SEO campaigns as it will provide you information on the customer to see exactly where they are coming from along […]
May 27, 2011

The Problem with Google Places

The Problem with Google Places Is it just me, or does Google not want me to use my Google place page? Many small business owners get extremely discouraged with Google places’ complexity and lack of support, so it’s not just you. It seems that Google has made it deliberately hard to fix errors and clear flags from your Google places account. For example, take a look at this fantastic (i.e., satiric) flowchart by Mike Blumenthal describing the method for solving a “terms not allowed” error. Of course, he points out, that all this could be solved simply by creating a […]
May 20, 2011

LocalOne Does Online Marketing

  The Importance of Online Marketing Internet marketing is one of the best ways to increase exposure to your customer base. Many companies have branched out to social media sites to help boost their website rankings rather than relying on Google and other search engines alone. However in addition to social media, Google does play a large role in attracting an online audience. Google brings in close to 50% of all search engine traffic. It is vital that you list your company with this search engine monster to increase your visibility. To help boost online traffic it is also a […]
May 20, 2011

Local One Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is so much bigger than just ads you see on Google or social media.  There are other major strategies that companies can use for internet marketing.  Small businesses can learn how to tap into these resources to direct traffic, increase hits and increase sales. When a potential customer types a keyword into Google you want your result to be as close to the top of the list as possible.  Implementing search engine optimization (SEO) can help your unpaid search result end up higher in the list. Pay per click advertising can be used if SEO isn’t effective enough.  […]
May 10, 2011

Small Business Websites

Your Small Business Still Doesn’t Have a Website? When the McDonald brothers started serving burgers out of a small establishment in southern California in 1940, people came by to try a burger because they had heard about the new restaurant from their friends and co-workers. When customers discovered they could get a cheap burger and fries quickly from the McDonald brothers they wanted to share their new find, so they told their friends. The McDonald brothers didn’t need a website – the internet hadn’t even been invented yet. But times have changed. In a recent Discover Card poll of small […]
May 6, 2011

The Benefits of Social Media

Which Social Networks Benefit You the Most? Brands, marketers, and small businesses are poised to spend more money on social media marketing this year than ever before. The simple fact is that social media marketing is big business, and your company can gain a lot from leveraging social networks to increase brand exposure, conversions and new customers. But not all businesses are the same, and not every brand requires the same outcome to be considered successful. With that in mind, steer clear of self-proclaimed social media gurus who will give you cookie-cutter advice that you don’t need. The true effectiveness […]