December 2011

December 27, 2011

SEO Company – One Option to Gain Edge on the Internet

SEO Company – One Option to Gain Edge on the Internet While there are many things you can do to increase your presence on the Internet yourself, using an SEO company is definitely one way you can gain a distinctive edge over your competition. Not many things beyond SEO can bring such a great return on investment. More and more consumers are turning to the Internet first for information about making purchases. Understanding basic concepts of SEO can help you when you make the decision to work with an SEO company to maximize this potential. SEO, or search engine optimization, […]
December 22, 2011

Local Website Advertising

Local Website Advertising Local website advertising has never been more necessary than right now. With Google’s new search semantic and the use of Google Maps to highlight local businesses, everyone should be working now to secure their rankings. Search semantic? Google Maps? Rankings? If this sounds like another language to you, that is ok. Fortunately, there are companies called SEO agencies that can help you design local website advertising campaigns. In Salt Lake City, Local One has been providing top notch search engine optimization to businesses throughout the area and across the entire United States with great results. Search engine […]
December 17, 2011

What to Look for in an SEO Agency

What to Look for in an SEO Agency So you have decided it is time to step up your online marketing and you are searching for a great SEO agency? Here are some tips to make sure you end up with a company that can add value to your project. 1)    Have a clear goal. The first rule of finding a good SEO agency actually starts within your own company. This is the time to get together the top heads of your business and brainstorm what you want to accomplish by using an SEO agency. Are you looking to improve […]
December 12, 2011

Local One Online Marketing Strategies

Local One Online Marketing Strategies Regardless of how long your business has been up and running, online marketing tools are going to be your best strength.  Local One is the ideal SEO/SEM agency to help your business utilize these and other online marketing strategies. While you may be an expert at making fresh, handmade tortillas, Local One consultants are experts at attracting new customers for your existing business. Word of mouth is still a highly effective way to gain new local customers. There are still some who pull out the yellow pages when they need something. Most of the civilized […]
December 7, 2011

Small Business, Big Online Presence

Small Business, Big Online Presence By now you are aware of the importance and usefulness of your small business having a solid online presence. You have your business website up and running and your existing customers know what you offer. But you might still be wondering what it takes to drive new customers to your website and further grow your business. Local One can help any business owner with exactly this. They are an SEO/SEM agency, located in Salt Lake City. Since 2002 they have worked with businesses of all sizes, helping increase brand awareness and increase online traffic to […]
December 2, 2011

Attract New Customers with SEO

Attract New Customers with SEO Any successful business is constantly looking for and trying to attract new customers. Business owners know this is the only way to keep a business going strong. Today ours is a global market where a customer can shop with businesses worldwide in a matter of minutes. Savvy shoppers compare prices and products with websites and shipping prices might be the key to losing a sale or keeping a new customer. So as a business owner, you might wonder what things you can do, that will give your business an edge in this instantly available global […]