December 2012

December 19, 2012

Can Relocation Enhance Google Search Rankings?

Local Google rankings have created an online battleground for businesses and professionals. In large metro areas like Salt Lake City, search engine optimization can be a deal-breaker in increasing your company’s exposure. Unfortunately, though, all of the top-ranking businesses are focusing on this. They pursue aggressive online promotions, hire SEO companies now proliferating in Utah and elsewhere, and engage intensely in fighting for every point they can muster. As the algorithms change, and as Google’s data sources compile new information, all of this effort may only allow your business to hold its ground. Why Might Relocating Work? Some companies are […]
December 13, 2012

What You Need to Know about Apple Maps

Apple Maps has emerged onto the technology scene, presenting a direct competitive challenge to Google Maps. Some claim it was introduced before it was ready, pointing out numerous flaws. Meanwhile, Google isn’t going away, and will continue to develop and improve upon their already widely popular application. Even so, with Apple upgrades to iOS6 looming, Apple is serving its Maps as a free app, meaning millions will use it with their iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. Your search engine optimization plan, in Utah or anywhere else, needs to ensure that Apple Maps works for your business. While plenty of Utah-based SEO […]