Activity Reports


1What is a monthly activity report?
This report is incredibly helpful in analyzing the overall performance of your business listing. Together with your attached report, you will find more information on how to read and understand your report; including details on impressions, actions, top search queries, performance averages and expectations as well as instructions on how to make category and keyword changes.
2How do I read my monthly activity report?
* Impressions: This number denotes the number of times that your business listing has appeared in search results. You can view the number of actual clicks to your listing by selecting ‘Actions’. The number of impressions you receive will be affected by geographical location, category selection as well as by your industry. Bottom line: the more impressions, the better.

* Actions: The number of clicks a user makes to interact with a listing, including requesting more information, viewing photos, or getting driving directions. Much of the business information that the consumer is searching for is displayed in the initial search results which provides your potential customer with many options including making a phone call to you and your office without ever having clicked through to view your listing details. Actions + Phone Calls = More business for you.

* Top Search Queries: The top search queries are a list of the top 10 of hundreds of related key word and phrase matches for you listing in your local area. These search queries are derived from the categories and key phrases used when creating and optimizing your listing.

* Driving Directions: One of the unique features available through your local listing is the ability to request driving directions to your business address. Here you will see the number of requests received as well as the city and zip code that was input as the point of origination.
3How often can I request a new report?
The reporting system gathers data from your listing daily. Our system is set to gather and send a report to you once every 30 days. If you would like to see your activity report more frequently, please let us know.
4What else can I do to supplement and help improve my online results?
In addition to our efforts, there are steps that you can take as the business owner to ensure you stay ahead of your competition. Online reviews have become a crucial part of the decision making process for consumers and they also greatly impact rankings on major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Working with your key clients to get reviews for your business online is critical to getting the most from your online marketing campaigns.
5I have questions about my report or need to make changes to my listing. What now?
We are always here to help. Just let us know how we can be of assistance to you. Contact Us
6I am having trouble viewing my report. What do I do?
If you encounter any errors within this email or the included report, please notify us at [email protected] Please include a forwarded copy of the error or problem which will help us resolve the issue.