Attract New Customers with SEO

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November 27, 2011
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December 7, 2011
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Attract New Customers with SEO

Attract New Customers with SEO

Any successful business is constantly looking for and trying to attract new customers. Business owners know this is the only way to keep a business going strong. Today ours is a global market where a customer can shop with businesses worldwide in a matter of minutes. Savvy shoppers compare prices and products with websites and shipping prices might be the key to losing a sale or keeping a new customer. So as a business owner, you might wonder what things you can do, that will give your business an edge in this instantly available global market.

For one thing, you can hire Local One to help with your marketing strategy. Local One is an SEO/SEM agency that specializes in putting their clients at the top of a search engine result. They are located in Salt Lake City, but can help your business no matter where you are located. SEO/SEM means “search engine optimization” and “search engine marketing”.  When you are a customer searching for a product or service, do you ever go past the first page of results? Most people don’t and that is precisely why it so important for your business to be listed very near the top. Local One understands this fact and this is their main focus.

A search engine such as Google has three result lists, and Local One knows how to use them to the advantage of your business. The first section, and probably the most relied upon, is the main list of organic results that are generated when you search for anything at all. To have your business show up on this list, you need a great website that is user friendly, and a strong web presence. This should include regular activity on social media websites such as facebook and twitter. Affiliating your business with others is another good idea. SEO articles are another method that helps put your business name online, and increase your web presence.

Another section of a search engine is the Paid Search results. These are the advertisements that show up on the side of your resulting page. These work like any other banner ad, or commercial. Businesses pay to list their advertisement here and show up as a possible result when someone is looking for the products or services your business provides.

If yours is a service-oriented business, such as a plumbing service, the Maps section of the search engine will match your IP address and the IP address of the searching potential customer.  Businesses that provide what the customer needs that are local to the customer will be the ones to show up first.  Again, the potential customer is not going to search very far, so you will want your business listed at the top, even if it is a few miles further than another similar business.

Local One has other ideas and tools to benefit your business online. They can even build you a website if yours is outdated or less than you hoped for. Browse their website to see how they could improve your customer base or web presence, and give them a call!