Is Your Beautiful New Website … (GASP) … Worthless?

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October 30, 2013
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October 5, 2014
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Is Your Beautiful New Website … (GASP) … Worthless?

Websites should do much more than just look pretty. … They should PERFORM!

Which means, strategically generate additional sales, leads, form captures, and profits.

What good is a new website when all it does is look better than the previous one but doesn’t actually do anything else other than that? Pretty, nicely-designed websites do a great job of appealing to our egos and desire to look good but I would argue that egos aside, it feels much better to make money from a website than just look good.

The best part is that HIGH PERFORMING websites can still look awesome too! (i.e. have cake, eat too! YUM!)

As web designers and developers, we often overlook the performance purpose in exchange for how great it looks and to this I say, “NO MORE!”

Recently I was interviewed on the topic and my passion to change our approach and what do you know, it got picked up by a few sources including CNN and SMALL BUSINESS TRENDSETTERS.

Check out the article here:
Local One Websites

GOOD MORNING WEB WORLD … time for change!