Who? What? Why?

If everybody understood this stuff and didn't have any more questions then nobody would need us anymore ...Sigh. Here are just a few of our more frequent ones. Let us know if you still have any and we'll be happy to answer them.
1Why is Local Search Important for My Business and My Brand?
Research shows that consumers are increasingly turning away from traditional offline sources and adopting online local search engines to find qualified local businesses. In fact, each month, nearly 2 billion local searches are performed by consumers looking for the products and services they need, right in their neighborhood. Over 80% of those searches begin with search engines, and up to 90% of those consumers find qualified businesses on local search engines not on Web sites or through paid search links.
2Why Should Local Search Engine Listings be Part of My Online Marketing Program?
Until recently, the major online search engines relied on web site crawling to capture information about local businesses. However, to improve the comprehensiveness and quality of the local business content they display, they created separate local search engine sites, including Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and MSN Live Local and turned to partners like Local One for the content on local businesses.

With nearly 2 billion local searches performed each month, it is essential the information displayed about your business by local search engines is accurate and up-to-date. Just as important is making sure local search engines receive the kind of keyword-rich enhanced information about your business that will drive prominent placement in local search engine results and motivate consumers to contact your business locations.
3How Will Local One Help Ready-To-Buy Consumers Find My Business Locations?
With Local One, you have an easy way to review and update the information about your business locations that is displayed by local search engines. Better yet, Local One helps you enhance your local business content with the rich and robust information that improves your chances of appearing at the top of local search engine results and increases the likelihood consumers will contact your individual business locations. Information such as the products and services you offer, the brands you carry, corporate web site link, the hours of operation of local stores, languages spoken and much more.

And, Local One automatically distributes your content to the largest network of local search engine partners in the industry, so you reach local consumers wherever they are searching and eliminate the need to invest time and money managing local business content directly.
4How Can Local One Help me Consistently Manage my Local Online Brand Presence?
Local One puts you in control of the type of business content displayed by local search engines, enabling you to better manage the online presence of your brand. Because you have a single source for creating, enriching and distributing the most accurate and up-to-date information about your business locations, you are empowered to manage your brand image across the most popular search engines on the Internet.

Without actively managing your local business content, up to 30% of the information currently being displayed on locations can be out-of-date or inconsistent, or missing altogether and certainly does not include keyword-rich, compelling information to drive your brand or business listing to the top of local search engine results. Until now, there has been no single source to improve your visibility by making sure local business content is consistent, enhanced and updated across a wide network of leading local search engine sites.

Local One distribution partners receive enriched, business-verified content as frequently as weekly, putting you in front of ready-to-buy online consumers, wherever they may be looking.
5How Soon Will I Begin to See My Listing in Local Search Engines?
Many of our search engine partners receive updated Gold Sourced content as frequently as weekly. While local search engine partners select their individual update frequency, generally your local online business listings will appear within sixty days or less of initial submission.
6Why should I do Search Engine Optimization?
Google: The number one way consumers and businesses find what they are looking for is through top search engines like Google and Yahoo. Think of the last time you needed something. Did you open up the phone book, look through the newspaper, or did you run a quick search on Google?
7How does your Company stay on top of the latest trends?
We stay on top of industry changes by monitoring news, participating in forums, attending conferences, webinars, pod-casts of industry leaders and most importantly continually testing and optimizing campaigns for clients.
8Why pay someone to manage my search presence when I can do it on my own?
When Al Gore invented the Internet he also created companies like us who are experts in the field; allowing business owners like yourself to remain focused on your business without having to learn ours. Local One will perform extensive keyword analysis, write ad copy, perform A/B and multivariate testing, implement landing page optimization, improve campaign quality score, and decrease your cost-per-click.
9Does local search convert into business?
Absolutely. Think about it. Most people who look for a local restaurant accountant, insurance agent or other are not doing research but are looking for someone to do business with.
10Does my business really need to invest in local search?
With 90% of online commercial searches and 61% of ALL local search resulting in a transaction, is this an opportunity that you and your business can afford to miss? When a potential customer is searching for your product or service are they finding you or your competition? The bottom line is that finding local businesses is becoming more and more an Internet driven task. Thanks to Google, Yahoo and other local search portals, everyday local businesses are becoming increasingly visible to customers online. The Internet is responsible for local sales everyday and as consumers continue to move online their reliance on online tools to perform searches for local information and related businesses, will continue to grow.
11I have questions about my monthly report. Can you answer them?
Do we have answers? Seriously? Does Smokey do his business in the woods? … Okay, never mind. Go here to view them all.