Getting More Customers to Your Dental Practice with Effective Search Optimization

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January 1, 2012
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March 13, 2012
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Getting More Customers to Your Dental Practice with Effective Search Optimization

Getting More Customers to Your Dental Practice with Effective Search Optimization

Are you wondering if Search Engine Optimization techniques are really that important for your dental business? If so, keep reading to learn the ins and outs of SEO and why it is critical for your success.

Let’s say you have a dental practice in Chicago, Illinois and it is thriving. But recently, you note a dip in the customers while a competitor nearby is expanding constantly. You ask around and find that your competitor has invested a good chunk of money into their website and is getting all the clicks when people search for ‘Illinois Dentists’.

Then you decide to get a designer to build a shiny new website full of graphics and images. After a few weeks you are still not getting new customers. What is wrong?

The simple answer is having a website is not enough. Are you sure your website content is search optimized? You have to explicitly work to build your website in a way that Google considers yours a relevant result when people search for dentists in Illinois, Chicago, or whichever city or state you are operating.

Think of it this way. Joe Nobody starts a restaurant with no boards or signs, no exterior or interior design to make the passerby think that it is a restaurant, no good food when somebody comes to their restaurant by chance, and nothing good for people to talk about. Will the business prosper? No. Why? Because it gives no idea that it is a restaurant, has neglected its content (food) and won’t be referred by anybody.

Websites can be treated in quite the same way. If you don’t design it with sensible signs, proper designs that are suitable for your target market, and relevant content for the occasional visitor that gets you backlinks (or referrals), you will get nothing.

The SEO world is no different from the real world. Basic common sense and business sense applies the same. As more and more people are relying on the virtual world versus the physical world for their information and recommendations, it pays for you to make sure your virtual entity is developed with proper business sense.

You could choose to work with a qualified Internet marketing company like Local-One or you could opt to transform your website on your own. Local-One has been fortunate to work with a leading dental provider in Illinois to create a long-lasting business model for the web. Working with their team, we were able to create content that helped them to rank on the first page of Google for their top keywords and keyword phrases. We can do the same for you!

Should you decide to work on your own, there are a few areas where you can at least get started. A simple and clear website that loads fast, is clearly organized, is professionally appealing, has interesting content to read, and has the right keywords optimized will attract the maximum amount of customers.

One of the important things you need to be aware of is paying attention to URLs (this is the sign that people first see online) that are short and intelligible. Next would be the page title (that appears in the browser window’s top bar) and page content.

You could include interesting free content such as proper ways to clean teeth and information on various common diseases. This content will act as a hook to people who are searching for this information in Google. Once they visit, they will respect and trust your practice based on the quality of what you have. Just remember, you have to learn SEO and be prepared to keep up with the many changes that happen on a regular basis.

If you need any help, Local-One can provide you with a free consultation to understand where your website stands and how we can increase your rankings.