Half of Small Business Owners Fail to Update Online Listings

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June 22, 2013
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July 29, 2013
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Half of Small Business Owners Fail to Update Online Listings

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Many small business owners are overwhelmed or confused by the basics of online marketing, which may reflect the findings of a recent survey suggesting nearly half of small business owners don’t update their online listings. According to a survey by ConstantContact involving more than 350 SMBs, 49 percent of small business owners admit to never updating their online listings.

Further findings from the same survey indicate 50 percent of small business owners have inaccurate information listed online, while more than 70 percent don’t manage their online listings due to time constrictions. Of the small business owners surveyed, only 23 percent had a concise understanding of the importance of online listings to promote their business.

Although most small business owners understand the value of ranking high on search engines, utilizing local search apps and using directory sites, many continue to fail to keep their information updated to drive new customers. With 85 percent of small businesses comprehending the importance of online marketing, why are only half of the business owners surveyed maintaining their online listings?

In part, it could be to the confusion and misunderstanding small business owners have in regards to search engine marketing Utah. According to the same study, 84 percent of SMBs believe their website can easily be viewed on a mobile device; however, only 25 percent know how to mobile optimize a website. While they understand the importance of mobile marketing, many aren’t utilizing the capability. This is even more concerning as 85 percent of SMBs believe they will be searched for on mobile sites in the future, but continue to lack mobile sites and updated online listings. According to the survey, 62 percent of small business owners feel it’s important for their business to be found on mobile apps, yet their online listings remain outdated.  Contact SEO Companies Salt Lake City to help your company get updated.

The same may be relevant to online listings. After establishing online listings, small business owners may not grasp the significance of regularly updating their listings to reach their customers or may not be aware of how to go about updating their listings. Too many small business owners remain challenged by managing their information online, whether it be due to lack of time or simply not comprehending how to go about it.

Local One, an SEM company in Utah, understands the vital role regularly updated online listings play in marketing a businesses. If you need help updating your listings for search engine marketing in Utah, contact us today to learn more.