Hire Local One for SEO Results

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November 22, 2011
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December 2, 2011
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Hire Local One for SEO Results

Hire Local One for SEO Results

If you are a business owner, do you ever feel as though your business has become a little stagnant? Perhaps you think you have exhausted all marketing tools and are out of ideas on attracting new customers and allowing your business to grow. This is when you know you need to hire Local One and start reaping the benefits of the services they offer.

Whether your business offers products or services, most people today find what they need by searching online. If a person is looking for something, they will type a phrase into a search engine and usually only choose to go with the top few businesses.

Local One is an SEO/SEM agency in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are focused on helping businesses everywhere better utilize the internet as a marketing tool. They can build or improve your business website, and teach you how to use a variety of methods to increase web traffic, thus increasing your customer base. SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) are two similar ways to boost your business’ online presence. A strong online presence puts your business name at the top of a search engine result, and that’s where the customers are.

Search engines like Google have three result sections: organic search results, maps (local listings) and paid search results. Businesses that offer a service, such as a salon or repair shop, rely heavily on the local listings results and the paid search advertisements. The local listings section uses IP addresses, along with key words, to locate the searching customer and help him or her find places that are local right then, instead of popular places across the world. Paid search results work in a similar manner, showing up as a result of the words used in the search bar, and giving the customer a list of businesses which have paid to show up if their key word is used. Banner ads are another form of paid results. You may have noticed that a business offering an item or supply that you look up frequently or recently starts showing up as a banner ad while you are online.

The organic search results are absolutely the most frequently used, and therefore the most competitive spot to have a business listed. This result list was the original way search engines worked, and therefore the most familiar to some. Those customers who rely on familiarity are most likely to use this result list as a trusted source. This is where you want your business found, and this is what Local One is committed to accomplish for you. SEO and SEM methods rely on putting your business name and keywords all over the internet. As you increase the number of times your business information can be found online, or as many times as your business is linked on the internet, the organic search results find you first. That is how you find the customers you need.

Even if you feel like you are out of marketing tools, Local One has a number of ways you may not have tried yet. They carefully monitor the results of every method they use to market your business, and will keep the methods that work and discard the ideas that do not. If you’re ready to take your business to the top, call Local One today.