How does a Moving Company optimize their website to get more customers?

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March 21, 2012
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How does a Moving Company optimize their website to get more customers?

How does a Moving Company optimize their website to get more customers?

Let’s suppose you run a moving company in New York, helping people relocate and transport goods. You are always on the lookout for more customers to keep your employees and infrastructure fully utilized. We know that a moving company relies completely on scale, and without an adequate number of customers you cannot generate profits. So, how do you get more customers in the cheapest possible way? The answer to that is Local Search Optimization.

Google and other search engines, as you know, are terrific tools that people use day in and day out for getting their answers. Whether they are looking for a dentist or a packer, your customer is going to first hit Google and look for the local businesses that help her with her needs. Now, if she is searching for ‘Poughkeepsie movers and packers’, does your website and contact details rank on top? If not, you are missing a promising prospect, as the searcher of that query could have become your customer. Since you are not there in the search results, she might have just gone with your competitor. One more sale missed. Oops!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves a body of principles that helps Google in finding your site as relevant to a target keyword. The smart engineers at Google are always refining their algorithms to help their searchers find the best results possible. You run a moving business and you have every right to be on their results for your regional queries. It is a win-win-win overall, as the customer gets her target service, you get a new business and Google makes money by connecting more customers. So, you have to get in the act, now.

There are many ways to make your site attractive to Google. First, look at your URL. If it is like you are missing a point. Neither visitors nor Google have any way to understand what you do just by looking at the name. A better domain name could be that has a “movers” as a keyword in the URL and makes Google know it is a moving company. Follow the same in each of your pages by naming each page with what the content reflects. You have scored the first point.

Next, look at the content of your pages and try to add keywords related to your company (‘Poughkeepsie movers’, ‘New York Movers’, ‘Relocation Experts’, ‘Packers’ etc). Adding relevant content with the right density of keywords again lets Google and other search engines know that you are about moving and packing industry.

Next, talk to your local industry of commerce and trade associations to put a link to your site in their pages. When Google sees your links from pages it trusts more, it will trust your page more and rank it highly. This is the same way that word of mouth works in the real world. If you trust your friend Mike to give you the proper financial advice, you will very likely trust the bank he is suggesting to you.

This is just the start and there are hundreds of other techniques that will help incrementally in getting you a slight edge above your competitors. If you don’t have time or patience to learn them all and apply them painstakingly to your pages, you can use the services of a good SEO provider like Local-One.  We have helped one of the top ranked moving services in Utah climb to the highest rankings with our techniques. We appreciate your time and can help to take the internet marketing load off your back. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote and see how we can bring customers to your service.