Importance of Local SEO for Lawyers

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March 29, 2012
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Importance of Local SEO for Lawyers

Importance of Local SEO for Lawyers

You have just setup a law firm and you are ready for business. You put up your sign, got a couple of desks and tables, and did the interior. But, something is missing. Have you gotten your clients yet? Now, if you have a big budget you can start advertising all you want in local newspapers, TV and other media. But, if you are just a small firm with a limited budget, you want the best value for your marketing money.

If you are a large firm, you want to make sure your advertising dollars are maximized and get results. How do you get the clients at the lowest possible Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)? One of the answers is local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that allows customers looking for our service to find you in a natural way. This is where Local-One can help.

There are two types of marketing – the inbound and the outbound. In traditional outbound marketing you focus on delivering your message to as many people in your target demographic and hope they will use your service/product next time they find a use for it. Typical examples include TV and other mass media communications. Outbound marketing is simple, but can be quite expensive and it is like shooting in the dark and hoping one of them hits your game.

In contrast to outbound marketing, inbound marketing focuses on getting customers the natural way – when they are looking for a service/product that you are already offering. Let us say your customer wants to set up a business entity and is looking for the best attorneys who could help. He asks his friends, family, and colleagues first, but most likely he might not get much help, since it is a rare case and most of his network might not have had any experience.

The next logical step he takes is going to Google and looking for the best attorneys in town. This is where you have to catch him by leading him from Google to your site. Now, you are not shooting in the dark, but actually getting a prospect to your office.

Sounds good? I know you are asking, “How the heck do we get him to come to our website when he is searching Google for Utah Attorneys? You have two options – either pay money to get into Google’s sponsored results or make Google think you are the most relevant result to the user’s query.

Either option can make your website come in at the top. Doing the former requires more of an investment up front – you just have to pay $8 to $15 per user click (yes, legal keywords are quite expensive) and hope to turn them into a prospect.

The second alternative could prove to be both cost effective and long lasting. Local SEO techniques involve improving your site content and layout, and adding a few things like tags, keywords, and sitemaps to make your site stand out from your competitors. Local SEO is not magic, but it is a scientific application of tools done in an artful way to make your site appear near the top for most of your relevant keywords.

We can help you convert your content into the right marketing message and make it rank high for most of your target keywords. We have great familiarity with helping attorneys and legal groups navigate through search engine requirements to help them get clients without jeopardizing one of their biggest assets of all – their website.

Local One takes great pride in our service to one of Sandy, Utah’s top business law firms to make their way to the highest rankings in Google. We can also assist your firm with our knowledge, experience, and dedication to being a part of your business success. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help.