Internet Marketing is Not a Fad

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July 20, 2011
4 Rules for Internet Marketing with Content
August 1, 2011
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Internet Marketing is Not a Fad

Internet Marketing is Not a Fad


The Internet is Not a Fad — Nor is Internet Marketing

Okay it’s official. The internet is not a fad. It’s not going away either. As a successful business owner, you may have worked hard for many years now to build a strong customer base that allows you to enjoy a certain level of success. However the “times, they are a changin”. The customers that you business needs to continue its long string of success are going to be younger and naturally much more tech savvy. Your company may have a pretty good website already, but if is nothing more than a placeholder to give you customers basic information and pricing of services, your business may be losing ground. Your competitors, especially those new and hungry ones, which are using current technology trends, such as social media, to connect to their customers through the web can be a significant danger to your customer base.

When all things are equal, such as price and quality of service, customers will always gravitate to the business that they feel the most “real” connection to. Old style websites that just communicate information to customers will not create that personal connection that businesses in today’s interconnected marketplace need to continue to thrive. Of course for established businesses, the first question is always, “How do I get started?” Fortunately there is help readily available.  Local One, a SEO/SEM Agency based in Salt Lake City, Utah works with new and established businesses use up to date web tools to build websites that not only provide an informative experiences for current customers, but helps those sites be uniquely placed on the web so as to attract new customers too.

An SEO/SEM Agency is a company that helps other businesses with Search Engine Optimization or SEO and Search Engine Marketing or SEM. There are literally billions of sites on the web. One of the biggest hurdles that any business faces is simply getting found when customers are looking for that business’ particular product or service. As the web has matured and the technology that governs the search engines have become more refined, businesses have had to keep up to date with techniques and even a few tricks so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Having a well rounded web experience is especially important for a business that has been around for awhile. Customer loyalty is becoming a rare commodity. Customers that used to be fiercely loyal to a business, today are far more likely to use an internet search to compare prices, search service reviews, and use social media as a way to find deals or get feedback about a business. As an agency that specializes in helping businesses build strategic multi-platform web presences, Local One is a one stop resource for all types of online marketing.

In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, no business is immune to the negative effects a poorly designed website and weak web presence will have on your business. Established businesses that do not already have an established IT department staffed with talented and creative web designers, social media junkies, and bloggers (which is practically every business out there) need the services provided by an SEO/SEM Agency like Local One. Every day that you wait, your business is losing customers to a more tech savvy competitor that isn’t afraid to use every tool available to grow their business. Even if your business isn’t in Salt Lake City or even Utah, Local One can help you grow, no matter where you are planted. Visit their website at to learn more.