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June 2, 2011
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July 15, 2011
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Salt Lake City Internet Marketing

Successful business owners understand the vital importance of a strong online presence. They have established a website that is user friendly and clearly displays their products or services, as well as the prices for each. They have a link to their website listed on their business card and attached to every promotional email and paper flyer advertising their business. Yet after all this, the traffic to their website may still be lacking. This is when Local One and the services they offer can help.

Internet marketing strategies are some of the best tools today’s businesses have for growth and increased sales. There are a variety of ways today to market a business online and many of them can be very effective. The methods that will produce the best results however, focus on local internet marketing.

Local business online marketing is different than merely marketing online.  Most general online marketing methods tend to reach clients across the globe. Often a potential customer is looking for something specific and uses a search engine to find what they need. Sometimes a customer sees an ad that offers whatever they are looking for. After a quick visit to the website they can order what they need and move on. This can be a really great system for a lot of business owners out there who can simply ship the client their products, pay for the international shipping rates and other associated fees and be glad for the sale. However, the other half of the businesses out there won’t benefit from this type of marketing at all. Businesses that offer a service such as housekeeping need to find local customers and that means local website marketing.

Local SEO marketing is one way to make this work for a business. The Local One advantage is that they understand how search engines work. Search engines use the IP address information, and internet connection line to determine where a searching customer is geographically located. Then they can direct local website marketing results straight to the potential customer. At Local One they know how to use internet marketing for local business by generating results that lead potential customers to businesses that are in their same areas. Instead of a search engine pulling up the top 25 housekeeping services in the world, this customer will find the top 25 housekeeping businesses in their own town and surrounding areas.

Another local internet marketing tool is social media. Many people like to shop locally and support the manufacturers and businesses of their own state or even county. Local business internet marketing with social media helps create the results they want, and the business you need. Websites such as Facebook or Twitter allows these customers to find their local businesses and spread the word- thus advertising your business for you.

Visit to see how they can help your business find the customers you need. With expertise in SEM (search engine marketing), SMO (social media optimization) and building websites, your website traffic will increase dramatically, thus increasing sales and business for you. Local One can make it happen.