Is local business online marketing really necessary?

Local SEO Marketing May Be an Easier Way to Reach Buying Customers
November 12, 2011
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November 22, 2011
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Is local business online marketing really necessary?

Is local business online marketing really necessary?

Local business online marketing or local website marketing is not only important for businesses that rely on their neighborhoods and communities for their profits but also for companies from other areas that want to target niche cities. In other words, local marketing is important for the business on Main Street but it is equally as important for the company on the other side of the country that wants to compete with all the stores on every Main Street across the United States.

Let’s take a simple flower shop for example. Obviously, a flower shop in Salt Lake City, Utah will want to target specific keyword phrases for those who want to purchase flowers in their city. In order to compete with the larger companies like, a smaller local flower shop will need to highly target the keyword phrases they go after with terms such as “Salt Lake City funeral flowers” and “Salt Lake City prom corsages.”

However, you might be a flower supplier in New York or Hawaii who can also benefit from doing more local business online marketing such as this. If you rely on traffic to your site and you redirect to local flower shops, you can also benefit from local marketing. Choose a few select cities to start with and grow from there. If you can do business with anyone, anywhere, then this can be very effective for a variety of companies.

Let’s look at another example that stretches the idea of what “local” really is. A car dealership in Atlanta, GA offers excellent deals and they know they can give a price worth driving several hours for. In our economy, they know people will drive a little extra to score a great deal. So, of course the sales team goes after keywords such as “Atlanta car dealership” and “where to buy a car in Atlanta” but they also target all of the cities within a three hour radius and “drive” (literally!) that traffic to their sales floor. By creating a marketing plan to along with these keywords, they increase their sales circle. This opens up their local business online marketing options tremendously.

Surely your brain is already spinning with ideas on how you can best utilize this technique. It is important to note though that this is definitely a data-critical and results-driven type of endeavor. Unfortunately, you can’t just start writing articles on any keywords you come up with and hope to strike gold. There is still a bit of work to be done behind the scenes to keep you from wasting your time on invaluable keywords. This is where the expertise of a local business online marketing company is very helpful and necessary.

It is time to start thinking about advertising and gathering traffic on the Internet a little bit differently. Using a great company like Local One can help you to design an effective online marketing campaign to draw consumers to your site. Take some time to contact Local One and see how they can help you with your local business online marketing immediately.