Is Your Computer Repair Services Website Search Optimized?

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April 6, 2012
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April 22, 2012
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Is Your Computer Repair Services Website Search Optimized?

Is Your Computer Repair Services Website Search Optimized?

A computer repair and services business is one that definitely needs to have a strong showing on the Internet. When customers search for information on repairs or maintenance in your area, they need to see your website first before your competition. Effective search engine optimization, and especially local search engine optimization, is the key. However, it is an area that is often overlooked by companies that might be busy focusing on their customers.

Imagine this scenario…

You have been working at the Geek Squad and suddenly the entrepreneurial bug bites you. So, you started building your computer repair services business. You have the space, the talent, and some equipment.  Sally down the street needs her laptop updated. She goes to the Internet and starts searching. When she types in ‘computer repair,’ does your company appear in the search results? Every business exists to serve the customers. How are the customers going to find you and trust you with their expensive gadgets and toys?

The most important thing that a new business has to do is to make it super-easy for its customers to locate and do business with them. Mainstream advertising works to solve this to some extent. However, most new businesses cannot afford to run print ads all over the place. More importantly, a lot of traditional media options are becoming obsolete.

So, if you are targeting the guys who are going to come to you to repair their PSPs and Mac Books, chances are that putting an ad in the Denver Daily News won’t bring you the results you need. You need to look for something more economical and highly targeted. How do you get razor targeted marketing in a cost-effective way?

The answer to the question is Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These days, most consumers are relying on the web to reach their product or service. If they are looking to repair their laptop they might go to Google and type ‘Laptop repair Denver’. They will see the first three results and call the shops.

Now, if you want your prospective customers in Colorado (or any city or state for that matter) to call you, you must rank for the top 3-5 results in Google search results for that page. That is not easy as you will be competing against other companies and vying for searcher’s attention. While it is not easy, there is a methodology that many quality SEO companies like Local-One use to make this happen.

The most important thing to note in SEO is to zero-in on your target keywords. You have to understand how the customers search for finding services like you. Google has free keyword research tools to help you with this. If you don’t know your target keywords you cannot proceed further. Do your homework. Then you must look to edit the content of your website – from the URL to articles to page titles – you must pay attention to what keywords users will use.

If you have a hard time brainstorming the right keywords and optimizing your site for them, you can hire SEO experts such as Local-One for assistance. The good companies will use legal and ethical means to get your website ahead of your competition. This will protect your company’s reputation on the net and make customers come knocking. Contact Local-One today to make your computer repair business the leader in your area.