28 Oct 2011

Attract New Customers with Web Marketing

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Attract New Customers with Web Marketing

The cardinal rule in business is to never stop reaching out to new customers. There are plenty of businesses out there both old and new that think that their customer base is good enough. They already have more business than they can handle. Why should they expend time and money reaching out to more customers when they can barely handle the ones they’ve got? This is a dangerous position to be in. In today’s interconnected marketplace, a business is one lousy customer experience away from a Public Relations nightmare. The most recent Taco Bell story is good example of that.

Business owners, large and small, old and new, should always be on the look to take advantage of today’s web marketing and social media to keep their business in the minds of their current customers while attracting new ones. An SEO/SEM Agency or an agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing is one very practical way to keep your businesses web marketing tools up to date and fresh. Marketing studies are showing us that a majority of Americans are spending more time than ever on the web. Facebook, Twitter, and blogging are all terms that not only identify a website or web based activity, but they have come to be descriptive words for how people communicate. Local One – https://www.local-one.com/ is an SEO/SEM Agency that specializes in helping businesses keep their web messages fresh and targeting their target customer base, especially a local customer base.

No matter what line of business you are in, your customers are getting more tech savvy every day. A news story recently featured a 98 year old grandmother that loved to play and challenge her grandchildren on videogames. Even senior citizens are using Facebook and Twitter to keep up on family comings and goings. Do not let your business let left at the bottom of the search results when your customers have recommended it to their friends and those friends get online to learn more. The highly skilled and knowledge staff at Local One – https://www.local-one.com/ will be able to answer your questions and give you a fresh perspective on how to use current social media tools and search engine marketing to make your business stand out from your competitors.

Another common saying in business is that it takes ten new customers to replace one loyal customer that your business lost due to a poor experience. Ever wonder why that is? Your business just didn’t lose one customer; you lost that customer and all of that customer’s friends that would have become your customer through word of mouth. Worse yet, is that you may have also lost all of those customers friends that may already be doing business with you. Word of mouth has always been the best ways to gain new customers. In the days before the internet and social media, potential customers would take the word of a current customer with a bad experience at face value. Today, businesses can use tools like Facebook and Twitter to show potential customers that one bad experience is the exception rather than the rule. It’s time the professionals at the SEO/SEM Agency Local Onehttps://www.local-one.com show you how to take your website, your Facebook page, and even your Twitter feed to change the story, change your customer’s perceptions, and ultimately change your business for the better.

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