19 Jul 2011

Online Marketing for New Businesses

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Online Marketing for New Businesses

Opening a new business is an exciting adventure that can be a little frightening. As business owner, you want to succeed and you want to enjoy running your business rather than be constantly stressed out. A business providing a service is often likely to be a successful one because consumers likely need the service you offer. Still, having a website is a great convenience, even for consumers in your own neighborhood. A website will allow local potential customers to see exactly what you will offer, as well as the costs to them. Hopefully you have an informative and appealing website up and running already. Next you need to find customers and direct them to your place of business. This is where your marketing strategy comes in. If you’re looking for some great marketing tools, look no further than the internet. In our fact-paced, technology driven world, internet marketing is the best way to attract new business, no matter what your company may be. The friendly consultants at Local One can help you with this.

Local internet marketing is the primary marketing method offered at Local One. The benefit of local website advertising are that when potential customers local to your business use a search engine to find your services or products, your business will be on the first page of results. Since most customers find what they want on the first page, or at least quit looking, this is the most beneficial spot to list your business. Search engines like Google have three sections of results: the list, the maps, and the paid advertisements potential customers can click on. Local website marketing uses the IP address of the searching consumer to find businesses closest to them. This ensures that local customers know you are around, and lets them immediately compare your services with other similar businesses that may be in the area.

Local One is found in Salt Lake City, Utah, but they can use a variety of local business internet marketing tools to help grow your business. If need be, they can design and build a business website for you. They can use local SEO marketing (search engine optimization) and they can use SMO marketing (social media optimization) to give your business a strong online presence and increase your business’s chances of being listed in the number one spot. The staff at Local One are the best in the trade for internet marketing for local business. They know exactly the steps to take to best benefit your new business. No matter what you need to grow your business and attract more customers, Local One will be able to help.

Consider social media to be the marketing tool it is. It’s an instant way to reach existing customers as well as attract and inform potential customers. Local One can teach you to build business accounts and pages with Facebook or Twitter. Perhaps a blog would help share your services. Stop by their website at www.local-one.com and see what they can do for you!

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