07 Dec 2011

Small Business, Big Online Presence

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Small Business, Big Online Presence

By now you are aware of the importance and usefulness of your small business having a solid online presence. You have your business website up and running and your existing customers know what you offer. But you might still be wondering what it takes to drive new customers to your website and further grow your business. Local One can help any business owner with exactly this. They are an SEO/SEM agency, located in Salt Lake City. Since 2002 they have worked with businesses of all sizes, helping increase brand awareness and increase online traffic to the websites of their clients. They will use these online marketing tools for you to first of all find new customers and secondly send them to your business website.

Potential customers will find you when they search for your product or service online. They will use a search engine such as Google and type in words that describe what they need to find, such as “air conditioner repair”. If your Heating and Air business shows up on the first page of results, this potential customer is more likely to call you than your competition. Local One knows how to utilize IP addresses to allow local business to show up as results for the person who is searching. This is perfect for a business that provides a service such as repair, and therefore serves primarily their local customers.

Start by visiting the Local One website. There you will find the ability to get a website ranking report to see where your business website is found right now. If it isn’t listed on the first page of results, customers are not likely to find it. Think about how often you yourself have searched beyond the first page to understand the significance of this. If your business does not show up where you need it to be, contact Local One and see what they offer their clients.

Local One will use SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) to bump your website to the top of the result list. SEM includes using local listings and pay-per-clicks to help drive customers to your website. Paid search results include you paying to post advertisements in side bars or as a Google result, if the potential customer uses specific keywords in their search. Local listings (Google maps) will advertise your business by showing a map with a few results pointed out on the map. The searching customer can read reviews to help them choose which business to select, or visualize the proximity to their location and pick the closest business.  SEO works by selecting the most common or applicable keywords for your business. A heating and air repair center might use words like “air conditioner”, “air conditioner repair” or “fix air conditioners”. When a customer uses any of these words (or whichever words have been selected) your business will show up as a result. Local One can help select and suggest the best words possible to increase traffic to your website.

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