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May 20, 2011
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May 27, 2011
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LocalOne Does Online Marketing


Local One Does Online Marketing

The Importance of Online Marketing

Internet marketing is one of the best ways to increase exposure to your customer base. Many companies have branched out to social media sites to help boost their website rankings rather than relying on Google and other search engines alone. However in addition to social media, Google does play a large role in attracting an online audience. Google brings in close to 50% of all search engine traffic. It is vital that you list your company with this search engine monster to increase your visibility.

To help boost online traffic it is also a smart idea to participate in Google Adwords. This advertising program helps to drive targeted traffic to your website when you pay for certain keywords that customers use in the search engine giant. Each time someone uses the keywords you pay for, your advertisement will appear in the search engine results and will be able to provide you with new leads. The internet marketing program that Google offers is ideal for businesses that are in need of local website marketing. It can often be hard to figure out local business online marketing for some business owners that may not have much experience with SEO. This is where The Local One can help as they offer internet marketing for local businesses and will be able to help you increase your websites visibility and boost your online traffic.

In order to make the Google Adwords program pay off for you, it is vital that you create a strong landing page. A landing page will represent the company and your sales team and must be able to quickly provide the customer with value and exactly what they are looking for. If the landing page is poor, the customer will leave in 3-5 seconds and it is now a wasted click. Proper optimization of your website is something that every business must focus on in order to have a successful local SEO marketing campaign. The local-one can also provide benefit for businesses that need website optimization help.

During the recession many companies chose to cut their marketing budgets. This is one of the worst decisions to make. Although financial hardships can make it challenging for a company to promote themselves, cutting the marketing budget means that you are no longer reminding your customers of your products and your business. There are things that you can do to help reduce the amount of money you pay on your marketing expenses but marketing must be done at all times no matter how financially strapped the organization may be or you will risk losing business.

Email marketing, social media, and creating a Google place page are all free online marketing tools you can use in order to create an online presence and remain popular despite a smaller marketing budget. The Google place page tool allows you to upload pictures along with a complete menu if you are operating a restaurant. You are also allowed to upload coupons and offers and you can even post on the Google place page wall to announce things to your customers. Social media sites such as Facebook will also be able to provide you with free marketing and invaluable market research.

Studying the internet marketing world is a great way to understand the various methods and programs that you can incorporate. The Local One can provide you with additional tools and services to aid in creating a stronger local website advertising campaign.