Local Searches Skyrocket with a Mobile Friendly Website

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February 11, 2013
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February 26, 2013
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Local Searches Skyrocket with a Mobile Friendly Website

Local Searches Skyrocket with a Mobile Friendly Website

local-marketing-utahAccording to Google, more than 50 percent of Internet searches from mobile devices have a local intent. Not to mention, a new study concluded that more then 90 percent of Smartphone users conduct local searches. What does this mean? As the wave of mobile device use continues to climb, you need to have a mobile friendly website to support and encourage the growth of your site’s local searches.

Everyone is on the go nowadays and turn to their Smartphones to find directions, businesses and just about everything else. Gone are the days of just finding your information on a computer screen, so you need to adapt to the growing trend of mobile device use to stay ahead of your competition. To stay on top, your website needs to be optimized to support mobile devices. Plus, it needs to be optimized for local searches as well. If your website isn’t up to par in one or both of these areas, you’re missing out on valuable marketing and profit opportunities.

Our team at Local One recommends creating a mobile friendly website due to the increasing use of mobile devices. If your website doesn’t support mobile devices, you’re losing a huge chunk of traffic every day as 40 percent of US adults use their Smartphone to search locally. Yes, your website will still appear on the search engine, but it won’t rank well on mobile devices as it hasn’t been indexed for mobile results. Not to mention, when a viewer clicks on your site and finds it difficult to navigate and functioning improperly because it hasn’t been optimized to support their device, they are going to leave your site and head to your competitor’s optimized.

Even if you have a mobile friendly website, your local ranking can still suffer if you haven’t taken the time to encourage local searches. The Local One search engine optimization service in Utah encourages you to optimize your site with local keywords and marketing tools to enhance the number of local searches to your website. With local search engine optimization services in Utah, you’ll not only target a local audience, but you’ll also rank higher among your competitors.

With mobile friendly websites that can be found through local searches, mobile device users will find the business they need, hours of operation, contact information and every other essential piece of information they need in a hurry. With just a push of a button, they are able to contact you or visit your website– all equaling an increase in profit.

As PC’s are now considered to be a faltering trend for local searches, our SEO and web design services in Utah will create a mobile friendly website to support your local searches and help your business succeed.