Local SEO Marketing May Be an Easier Way to Reach Buying Customers

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November 7, 2011
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November 17, 2011
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Local SEO Marketing May Be an Easier Way to Reach Buying Customers

Local SEO Marketing May Be an Easier Way to Reach Buying Customers.

How can local SEO marketing help my business? That is a question that more and more small business owners are starting to ask as the word spreads about the power of local marketing online.

SEO marketing, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, is a method of marketing online that focuses on building web pages and sites that are optimized for very specific keyword phrases. Once these pages are optimized, they are eventually discovered by various search engines which then send traffic to that page.

There are many different aspects to effective search engine optimization but one of the most important would be the proper research and use of keywords.  Keywords are the backbone of the internet and they are what potential customers use to ultimately find your products and services on the net.

There are literally billions and billions of different keywords available and it is the job of the business owner, or their marketing firm, to find out which keywords are best suited for their business. Once these keywords are identified, there are certain steps that are taken to make sure that they are highlighted and optimized within the content being published by that business/site owner.

The main difference between standard SEO marketing and local SEO marketing is that local focuses more on keyword phrases that cater to a geographical region close to that particular company.  The primary way that this is done is by including the names of cities or towns along with your base keyword.  You can also do the same thing using zip codes and sometimes even area codes.

When it comes to local SEO marketing, the main goal of a business is to concentrate on actions that will reach their immediate customers. If properly done, this form of SEO marketing can make it a lot easier for web site owners to get rankings in the search engines and attract traffic.

In addition to ranking pages within a web site, another form of local SEO marketing might involve the claiming of your business name on Google Maps. Google offers a service that normally appears on the front page of various search results that lists the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of businesses that have provided that information to Google.

Once this information is collected, it is used to generate a listing for that specific business. The next time a customer does a search for that product or service, the results will automatically include a short list of companies that are located close to them.  This is a very popular method of local SEO marketing but does not involve optimizing directly on your business site.

If you are in a niche that has a tremendous amount of competition, local SEO marketing is an easy way to separate yourself from the crowd and focus in on those customers that live or work in your immediate area.  This can be highly important for service type businesses like restaurants, dry cleaners, hair salons, etc. but can also work for businesses outside of those categories.