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December 17, 2011
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Local Website Advertising

Local Website Advertising

Local website advertising has never been more necessary than right now. With Google’s new search semantic and the use of Google Maps to highlight local businesses, everyone should be working now to secure their rankings. Search semantic? Google Maps? Rankings?

If this sounds like another language to you, that is ok. Fortunately, there are companies called SEO agencies that can help you design local website advertising campaigns. In Salt Lake City, Local One has been providing top notch search engine optimization to businesses throughout the area and across the entire United States with great results.

Search engine optimization is the diligent effort to get your web site “ranked” in the top search engines. Ranking means that when a user puts in a search term, you want your site to show up at least on the first page of the search results. Think about it this way. When you do a search for anything, let’s say a new hair salon, what are some of the terms you might type? “Hair salons” is one option, but how many different results would you receive? Instead you might type in “Salt Lake City hair salons” to get results that are more specific or drilled-down to exactly what you are looking for.

If you are a hair salon owner, it might be virtually impossible for you to compete with all of the shop owners targeting the term “hair salons” on their websites. However, if you are using the expertise of an SEO company, you can take advantage of local website advertising to get some placement with Google Maps. Google Maps shows some local shops even if you just type in “hair salons” without a specific location. This is a newer feature of Google and one that every business should be taking advantage of.

The other option is to target what are called long-tailed keywords. You might focus on “hair color Salt Lake” or “bridal hair Sale Lake” to rank high for those terms. Because each business has various options for terms, it is important to not just guess at what might work. There are a lot of different resources SEO agencies use to determine the best search terms.

Local One can help you find the optimum keywords to use for your business and location. While they are a Salt Lake City company, they can work with any business in any city.  Another benefit of local website advertising is that you can see very clearly exactly how your money is being spent toward your advertising goals.

The technology that is behind the ability to track clicks and statistics for searches and website visitors is very helpful for other parts of your business model too. Have you ever wondered about your competitors? What terms are they “going after?” Local One can help you determine this as well.

Keep in mind that local website advertising is not just limited to cities or states. You can also take advantage of keywords targeting neighborhoods, schools, and large businesses. For instance, a bridal shop interested in getting more prom business might target the keyword phrase “Salt Lake High prom.” A florist might target “Smith Funeral Home flowers.” These are just a few examples.

Local One can work with your objectives and focus your site on the business you want to increase. This makes the possibilities with local website advertising nearly endless.