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June 25, 2013
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August 14, 2013
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Marketing Budget


I Have Money, How Should I Spend It?

“Which one of your services will give me the best return for my money” is one of the most common questions that I am asked by my business owner friends once they find out that I work for an internet marketing company.

The foundation of internet marketing is a good website.  You can spend a lot of money on advertising and get very little return if your website is not designed to convert visitors into business.  For this reason, the best use of your money may be to invest in web design services before any other advertising services.  Throughout the years, we have made small changes to websites and have seen dramatic improvements.  Recently, we have been working with a business owner that built a landing page that combines the worst brown with the most awful split-pea green that I have ever seen.  The sole purpose of this website is to sell a product and yet the only photo of the product as well as the option to “buy now” were both “below the fold” of the page, which means you had to scroll down to see the product, the price and to make a purchase.  If your website was designed to sell a product, users should not have to click or scroll to find your product or to make a purchase.  Your product should be front and center, always!  Using a pay-per-click campaign, we were able to show the business owner that the website was causing the conversion problems.  We re-designed the landing page with whites and light blues, moved the product and the “buy now” button to the top of the page and voila – a dramatic and immediate improvement to the conversion rate.

Local One, a Utah Web Design company, brings something to the table that many other web designers do not.  Our expertise is rooted in marketing your website, in converting website visitors into paying customers.  Designing a website solely for aesthetics can be great, if you don’t ever intend to have it found by search engines.  But if you want a website that not only looks nice but is designed to rank well on search engines when potential customers are searching for the products and services you offer, you need your website designed by a company with a marketing brain.  When we build your website, we structure the pages in a beneficial way, use specific keywords based on popular searches; Local One makes sure your website is a sales tool rather than a pretty paper weight.

Our agency has built websites for businesses in a wide array of industries on various website platforms.  From WordPress to Joomla, we have the experience you need and expertise you can trust.  Website pricing varies based on what specifically you need from your website.  We are happy to provide a free, no obligation quote for our web design services.  Simply call us at (800) 282-2434 and provide some basic details and we’ll let you know how our Utah Web Design team can help make a dramatic difference in your business today!