Paid Search (PPC)

Your Blueprint for Success

  • Together with your valuable input, we develop a targeted list of keywords that best describe your business, your products and services and represent what you do well.
  • Our marketing team creates targeted display ads that match the keyword lists we created together and supplies that info to the major search engines.
  • Once active, your ads appear in the sponsored links sections when a potential customer performs a search using the keywords we are targeting.
  • Search engine users click on your targeted ads and are directed to the most relevant page of your website; this is your turn to grab their attention with an incredible offer and convert them into a paying customer.


  • Conversion-driven PPC Management
  • No Long Term Contracts & Full Transparency
  • Low Monthly Fees, High Levels of Success
  • Eliminating Click Fraud – Making Each Click Count
  • Keyword Match Types – Making Use of Different Match Types Saves You – – Money
  • Keeping up with the Algorithms
  • Budget Allocation – Hourly schedules, daily limits, monthly targets; you are in control.
  • Geographical Targeting – from a multi-national campaign to a local area just 10 miles wide.

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