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July 19, 2011
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Search Engine Marketing – Local One

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Search Engine Marketing – Local One

When you use a search engine to help you find something like a mechanic or disaster cleanup you won’t care about a business on the other side of the country, you want the results to be local to your area. Business owners might be wondering how to get on the first page of such a result so that potential customers can find and select you. Local One can get your business listed and give you the results you’re looking for.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Local One has made a name for itself helping new or small businesses establish an online presence and market their business online. For businesses not yet online, that is their first step. Thanks to the prevalence of the internet, every business today needs to be online to reach the maximum customer base even in one’s own town.  Once a business owner understands this and has a functioning website, they can utilize local internet marketing tools to attract business. The Local One staff can build a website for your business to get you up and going. They can arrange a business blog for you to discuss your services and feature promotions. Local One can even set your business up on social media websites for constant contact with your customers, and regular reminders about your services. But there are many other local website advertising tools available to all businesses today.

Local business online marketing is one of the things that Local One can help with. They can target your internet marketing to local IP addresses. They will use local SEO marketing (search engine optimization) along with SEM (search engine marketing) and SMO (social media optimization) methods to market your business to local potential customers. All of these marketing tools will help spread the word about your business services and business will increase!

Did you know there are three separate result groupings that turn up when you search for something? There are the local listings or maps section that use your IP address to find businesses closest to your area. Paid search results include local businesses which have paid for their ads to show up when certain keywords are typed into the search. It can also included pay-per-click advertising, which is primarily banner ads or side bar ads that only show up to local IP addresses. Finally, there is the SEO results section of the search engine. These are generated using keywords that people search for. In the mechanic example above, a potential customer may type in “car mechanic” or “ford mechanic” but its likely they will use the word “mechanic” in their search. In this case, “mechanic” would probably be a good choice for a targeted keyword that will produce the results you need. Local website marketing with the people at Local One will get your business listed in all areas of search engine result lists.

Your business doesn’t have to be located in Salt Lake City, or even in Utah to take advantage of Local One’s marketing services. Take a look at their website: to see how they can help you!