SEO and SEM Methods from Local One

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October 28, 2011
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November 7, 2011
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SEO and SEM Methods from Local One

SEO and SEM Methods from Local One

Technology and all of its changes constantly gives every one of us more possibilities. We can do more, learn more and “be” in more places, and all of it faster than we could have imagined. Businesses also have more options than ever to creatively market their products, advertise and attract new customers. Of course businesses also have more competition than ever before because of the global market we are all now a part of. The trick to managing these new technological benefits is finding an edge that will allow your business to stand out above the others. Local One is an SEO/SEM agency that can give your business exactly the extra push you are looking for.

Local One has a variety of tools available to help you better market your business. Local One will use SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) strategies to boost your business’s search engine result ranking.  Perhaps you’re wondering how this all works. A search engine such as Google has three areas in which results can appear: Local Listings/Maps, Paid Search and Organic Search or SEO results. Local One knows how to create the results you want because they understand how search engines work.

The Local Listings section uses IP addresses to give results. The searching customer’s computer (or smart phone) will feed an IP address including the general area the person is in. You may notice on some websites or blogs a counter listing where all the visitors are from. It may list your exact city or a neighboring town as the location of your IP address. This section of the search engine results will pull up businesses in the same area as your IP address, to help a customer find the local service they are in need of.

Paid Search results include the ads that show up on the results page. These include advertisements on a local news channel website, facebook and any other place you find ads on the top banner or side bars. Again, most of these will be local to your IP address. In all cases, these will be advertisements that the business pays to have listed. They might affiliate with the website or simply pay the website owner a fee to list the ad there. Pay-per-click ads are listed on websites and the advertising business only pays the website owner when a potential customer clicks on the ad.

A search engine’s organic results, or SEO results are the most competitive. Many times people ignore the local listings and advertisements, and only look at the list of organic results. You would probably agree that potential customers choose off the first page of the resulting businesses that come up with a search engine, and that is clearly where you want your business to be. A strong web presence is what puts a business near the top of this list. Methods including a great website, active fan pages on social media, and affiliating your business with others’ gets your business name all over the internet. SEO articles increase this. Paid search results and other advertisement banners also increase your web presence.

These SEO/SEM ideas and methods are just some of the ways Local One helps their clients reach the top in search engine results. Best of all they track every single result to monitor which methods are working, and which methods need dropped. Browse their website and request a consultation to see what kind of results they can create for your business.