SEO Company – One Option to Gain Edge on the Internet

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December 22, 2011
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January 1, 2012
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SEO Company – One Option to Gain Edge on the Internet

SEO Company – One Option to Gain Edge on the Internet

While there are many things you can do to increase your presence on the Internet yourself, using an SEO company is definitely one way you can gain a distinctive edge over your competition. Not many things beyond SEO can bring such a great return on investment. More and more consumers are turning to the Internet first for information about making purchases. Understanding basic concepts of SEO can help you when you make the decision to work with an SEO company to maximize this potential.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is what web designers use to drive traffic, or visitors, to websites. SEO consists of the proper placement of keywords or phrases that Internet users are searching for, among other things. Developed by search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, SEO sifts through the vast content online to find what searchers want.

These search engines have very sophisticated technology that visits millions of web sites each day to look for new content. This technology is sometimes called “spiders” because they “crawl” through the words to locate specific key terms.

For instance, if a user searches for the term “Salt Lake City Lawyer,” a search engine refers to their spider’s results to see which sites are the best matches for that term. Matches are based on complicated algorithms of information that search engines tend to keep secret. However, a good SEO company will know how to get a website to rank for a specific term.

Ranking refers to the location you place in a search engine’s results. Advertisers in SEO companies know that consumers tend to click on the top results. This makes the first page of results the top spots for getting increased traffic to your site.

Especially now that local Internet marketing has become so important, knowing which keywords will bring the most traffic has become critical. Smaller businesses in particular are relying on local keyword phrases to gain more customers. First of all, it evens the playing field a little bit by allowing smaller businesses to compete with the big boys on many terms. Secondly, it allows businesses to target the people closest to them first.

A quality SEO company should first sit down with you and discuss your main goals for having an online presence. Obviously the first goal is to increase your overall bottom line, but what are some of your other goals? Do you need quality content? Do you want a social media network online too?

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have become increasingly necessary for businesses to grow their web existence. As people join your fan page or your account, you become a part of their network as well. Not only can you gain new customers, it can serve as a customer contact service too.

Imagine you decide to run a sale for one day. In the past, you would have to send out a mailing or make a lot of phone calls to advertise this to your customers. Now you can do a quick post to a social media network and get the word out quickly. The best part is that not only does the notice go to your customers, but their friends and family can see the notice as well.

An SEO company can develop and maintain local web campaign to get you impressive results. Local-One, a SEO company in Salt Lake City, Utah, is one option for managing your online presence. Call today for a free consultation and to find out how we can help.