Social Media Marketing



Ignoring social media is like deciding that you don’t want to go to the best party in town because it’s too popular. When even Grandma is tweeting and sharing stories on Facebook and Instagram, we’ve gone beyond “trends” to a new way of communicating online.

For smart companies, social media advertising creates new ways to reach potential customers and expand their business. But for the unwary, it can be a confusing and intimidating thicket of passwords, jargon and specialized services, where fear of the fallout from one unguarded comment can prevent you from taking full advantage of social media’s potential.

With our social media advertising services, Local One helps make social media marketing simple. We help create a system that lets your business make the most of the different social media outlets in order to bring more visitors to your site (and more customers to your door).

What’s more, we understand how to effectively use social media and social media promotion to make the most of the different platforms. Our experts dream in Facebook and Instagram reach and key metrics. At Local One, we offer a full spectrum of social media guidance that is tuned to making your company a new media success story.

We make the social media advertising process fun, simple, and headache free with innovative solutions that deliver the results you want.

And with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry, we never stop thinking of new ways to help you grow your business and simplify along the way.

What makes us different?

  • We are a group of performance-driven online marketing consultants finely suited for the modern day small business warrior-types.
  • We know social media advertising and how to maximize it's ability to create traffic, leads, sales and smiles.

We’re so familiar with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat that we’ve considered getting a tattoo of one of them on our neck. What’s more, we know that there’s more to good social media marketing than just writing a few posts, hitting the old 'Boost' button and calling it a day.

But we don't just stop there ... we are masters at traffic conversion.

New sales, new leads, new opt-ins, and more; businesses want ROI on their marketing dollars and that is our strength.

  • Total social media presence approach that gets you in all the places people search, surf, and socialize online.
  • Unrivaled knowledge and experience in social media advertising that comes from years of dedication and experience.
  • Expert marketing consultants and expert service team that work together to deliver the results you want.
  • Backed by teams of campaign pros certified in social media marketing.
  • Extensive access to top tools, technologies and resources required to create premium social media marketing results.
  • Conversion-based optimization technology that squeezes more return from your advertising budget.
  • Transparent communication and processes that showcase the results you are after every step of the way.

If you are interested in finding out more about what Local One can do for you, contact us and we can provide you with a free, no obligation quote for our social media marketing services. Our social media advertising team is experienced and efficient. We can transform your social channels into a true sales tool that generates meaningful ROI ... let us show you how!