Social Media Marketing With Local One

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August 7, 2011
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August 9, 2011
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Social Media Marketing With Local One

Social Media Marketing With Local One

Having a marketing plan that does not include social media marketing is like having a birthday party without cake and ice cream, and games, and balloons, and a clown. Yes, it is that important.

Social media marketing is tapping into the various social media platforms to spread your message quickly across web networks. Some platforms are sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Facebook, for instance, has over 750 million active users according to their statistics page. Some of these users live in the same city as you, are interested in your service or product, and have friends and family that are just like them. Not creating a presence on Facebook means these people will not see you and will result in lost potential customers.

Many businesses are learning to tie their traditional marketing campaigns and social media marketing campaigns together to increase their results. Best of all, social media marketing is an affordable option for any business looking to boost their web traffic.

One of the easiest ways to get started is to hire a social media marketing specialist like Local One who can help you integrate your marketing efforts. There are a lot of details involved that can make setting up social media pages a bit complicated so partnering with an agency like ours can end up saving you time and money.

Local One can simplify your marketing efforts by creating your social media marketing image on the web, managing campaigns, developing content, and helping you spread your message.

Creating your social media marketing image on the web is the first step we take. Your profile on various social media platforms is one of the first things many people will ever see about your company. It has to have the correct information that will draw them in and make them take the next step of “liking” your page.

What makes people want to “like” you? By providing useful content to the social web, people will be excited to hear from you and will want to connect their friends and family to you as well. If you give out one exceptional bit of information, that information can then be shared by the reader to their entire network. This puts your business name in front of potentially thousands of eyes. Because the recommendation to read your post is coming from someone they know, people will be more likely to check out your page. There they will find some basic information about your business such as products you offer and a link to your website. It all started with one small piece of great content.

Not only can social media marketing be used to gain new customers, but it is a great tool for maintaining contact with current customers as well. Update them on new specials or offerings, provide useful tips, and offer referral bonuses to keep them interested in your company.

Another thing Local One can do is tap into the power of advertising on these popular social media platforms to drive traffic to your pages. We have the know-how to make the best use of your advertising resources so that nothing is wasted and what is spent results in increased traffic and customers. We can create a social media marketing plan tailored specifically to your business and your budget. Contact Local One to speak with a social media specialist today.