The Importance of Local Business Online Marketing for Every Small Business

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August 3, 2011
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August 5, 2011
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The Importance of Local Business Online Marketing for Every Small Business

The Importance of Local Business Online Marketing for Every Small Business

There are restaurants, florists, realtors and lawyers in every town that everyone seems to know and recommend. Yet, even for these popular and long-standing icons of their respective businesses, local business online marketing is becoming even more necessary.

The reasons are many. More than ever before in our history, people are on the move. Every day the population of your city or town is changing. When these new residents come in, surely some of them make their way to your business through good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth. Others turn to their smart phones or the internet to find the latest news and reviews about you and your competitors. When they get there, do they find you? Have you done any local website advertising or created a presence on the internet?

There might be a few reasons why you haven’t yet. Perhaps your door is still opening and closing every day and the faces who have purchased from you in the past continue to open their wallets. However, what are you doing during this period to ensure they will keep opening their wallets in the future?

Every day, your clients and customers are being enticed by your competitors. They are using local business online marketing to pull your customers away from your company. What will it take for them to capture a share of your market? Will it be ease of communication via e-mail and online? Will it be the valuable information that is provided freely on their website? Maybe it will be their coupons that they offer through iPhone applications.

Now is the time to cement your current customer relationships in this age of advanced communication and technology. Small business owners have to show that they are willing to continue to provide the best service to their customers. This means making buying from you easier by doing things like posting your daily specials online, offering reviews of your services, or providing updates on free workshops or newsletters.

Local business online marketing is a very effective form of internet marketing that targets customers using narrow keywords associated with your location and area of business. Think about what your customers might type into a Google search box if they were interested in what you offer. Perhaps they might type something like “Salt Lake City orthodontist” or “buy flowers in Salt Lake City.” By targeting key phrases associated with your business, you can ensure your website appears as a result. The higher your ranking shows on the results page, the more likely it is that the potential customer will click on your link.

This doesn’t mean that your current marketing efforts should fall by the wayside. There is always something to be said about the power of a hand written card. The best thing to do is to integrate all of your efforts into a cohesive marketing and customer relationship management system that both obtains new customers and maintains older ones. The Local One local business online marketing agency can help you create a local website advertising campaign, stay ahead of your competition, and hold on to your valuable customers.