Transition to Google+ Local Leaves Google City Pages Redundant

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February 28, 2013
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March 4, 2013
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Transition to Google+ Local Leaves Google City Pages Redundant

Google City Pages 404 Error

Recently, many users of the Google City pages received an unpleasant surprise when accessing their page as they found notices that their page had been redirected and even fully removed in some cases with a 404 error. Google’s transition to remove the Google City pages doesn’t come as a shock to many people as changes were bound to happen with the launch of the Google+ Local pages in 2011. However, many are bothered by the transition to Google+ Local as the community pages don’t offer all of the same features as the Google City pages.

What does Google have to say about shutting down the Google City pages? Essentially, Google has categorized these pages as being redundant with the launch of Google+ Local. Google says the new pages are far better for local searches and establishing a local community when compared to the former City pages, stating:

“Earlier this year we announced Google+ Local – a local search experience that makes it easier to discover and share your favorite places – like a great restaurant or museum. With Google+ Local, information for hundreds of cities around the world including Portland, Austin, San Diego and Madison is streamlined in one place.”

Although Google may be raving about their need to shut down the Google City pages to begin benefiting from the Google+ Local pages, not everyone is convinced as features they loved on the City pages aren’t available on the Local pages. Nonetheless, Google says, although these features aren’t available, the other features that are available are better and will drastically improve local searches and your business’s community outreach.

No matter your stand point on which community page you prefer, Google+ Local is trending and producing positive results for local searches. Our SEO company in Salt Lake City, Local One, has seen the benefits first hand. Therefore, we emphasize the need to create a Google+ Local page– whether you’re on board with the changes or not. If you haven’t made the transition to Google+ Local yet, you’re already one step behind your competition.

You need to develop a Google+ Local page as it allows you to optimize local listings, giving you a greater control over your local search results. Not to mention, as it acts as a social network too, you can build your brand and customer loyalty by interacting with your customers. They can easily connect with you via computer and mobile device, providing them with the essential information they need about your business, including directions, reviews, business hours and more.

Local One highly encourages you to advantage from the benefits the new Local pages offer. If you need assistance or have any questions or concerns about the transition to Google+ Local, our company specializing in search engine marketing in Utah will be more than happy to assist you.