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Utah Internet Marketing Company — Local One

In today’s digital world, businesses of all types and sizes need to have an up-to-date, functioning and user friendly website. This is handy for existing customers to view your latest products or find information on what they already have, but simply having a website online will not attract new customers for your business. This is when business owners need to look into internet marketing options. When you advertise your business online, you are obviously trying to find new customers and grow your business. The internet is often thought of as a way to attract a global market, and customers around the world are great to have if you sell a product to ship to them. But if your business is service oriented, such as a hair styling salon, you don’t want global customers, you need local business. Business owners who are very tech-savvy might be able to use online marketing on their own, but many would be better off using a company that excels at helping businesses with online marketing. Taking it one step further, the people at Local One in Utah are pros at local internet marketing, and would be ideal to help get your business going online!

Local website advertising is different from general online marketing. This difference is important to small business owners, because it works to attract only local potential customers. When someone uses a search engine such as google or yahoo to find your services, the search engine knows where the person is located based on their IP address. This allows the search engine to generate results that are local to the person first. Every business wants to be listed first to have the potential of attracting as many customers as possible. Local One is found in Salt Lake City and can absolutely help you with the right local website marketing you need to generate new business!

Internet marketing for local business includes the same options as all online marketing. Local SEO marketing will use the same SEO and keyword tools you are familiar with. The difference again is that the final results will be local to the consumer, not simply the biggest or most well-known similar business out there. LocalOne also utilizes SMO to advertise your business. Social media sites such as twitter and facebook allow you to get your business name and product out there and remind existing customers about your services regularly. When partnered with your business website, your news can be shareable through SMO tools. Social media allows your existing customers to help you with your local business online marketing and can and will share your information with their friends and associates who are your potential customers.

The Local One is in Salt Lake City, Utah but their website is full of information as to how they make local business internet marketing work for each of their clients. Visit them at www.local-one.com to see what their services include. They can even build your business website for you if that’s where your business needs to begin!