Websites are Important

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June 8, 2011
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July 18, 2011
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Websites are Important

Websites are Important


Websites – Yes, they are Important

In today’s fast paced, technology driven world, businesses of all shapes and sizes need a strong online presence. However, especially for new businesses, the problem lies in getting there. Local One, and their consultants, can help business owners solve this problem and teach you how to use internet marketing for local business!

The first step business owners must take is to have an appealing, user-friendly website showcasing their products or services. Ideally, this should be up and running before your grand opening. No matter where you are in starting or running your business, the Local One professionals can help by building this website for you. Don’t overlook the importance of a business website because this is how potential clients will find you. Even customers in your local area are more likely to find you online before they find your brick-and-mortar shop. Others will want to compare your products and services -and check your prices- before they step foot into your store. Still others may not be interested in your brick-and-mortar shop and will only want to work with you online.  Local One understands this and will create the best possible website for your business.

Local clients will be most helpful to your business for a few reasons. For one thing, if yours is a service- related business, it will only be of interest to local customers and won’t do anything for global customers. Your satisfied customers can use word of mouth to help increase business for you. Sometimes communities hold events where business owners work together to run a promotion or sale, which will certainly help build your business.

Once your website is up and running you will need to utilize internet marketing tools. The best way a business owner can increase business is to increase website traffic. Local internet marketing is the fastest and most effective way to attract new customers and drive them to your website. There are a few ways to accomplish this, and Local One employs experts who are there to help you.

Local SEO marketing (search engine optimization) is one great way to drive local customers to your business. This method uses keywords to direct potential customers to your business website. For example, a typical consumer may choose any combination of words to type into a search engine and find a business like yours. Local One will use the most likely key words and link them to your website.

Search engines also use IP addresses for local business internet marketing. Your business website has a specific IP address which also lets search engines know where you are geographically located. They can use that information to match IP addresses local to your area, and point searching consumers toward your website.  Local listings and maps also use this information in a search engine result. Another way Local One can help your business is with local website advertising. You can pay to post an ad that pops up based on certain keywords, or again, the local proximity IP addresses.

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