12 Dec 2011

Local One Online Marketing Strategies

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Local One Online Marketing Strategies

Regardless of how long your business has been up and running, online marketing tools are going to be your best strength.  Local One is the ideal SEO/SEM agency to help your business utilize these and other online marketing strategies. While you may be an expert at making fresh, handmade tortillas, Local One consultants are experts at attracting new customers for your existing business.

Word of mouth is still a highly effective way to gain new local customers. There are still some who pull out the yellow pages when they need something. Most of the civilized world however, heads first to their computers or smart phones and use a type of search engine to find a local business providing whatever it is they need. For example, when a person is traveling through town and it happens to be lunch time, they are very likely to use their phone or GPS to find a Mexican restaurant. Of course, you want your Mexican restaurant to show up at or near the very top so that this hungry searcher will see just how close they are to you right now. They won’t keep looking after the first few results so if your restaurant is not at the top, you’ve lost a potential customer to your competition. How do you get your business listed first? By using SEO, SEM and Local Listings tools.

SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) are two similar ways the internet can bring new customers directly to your business. As long as you have a website, you can drive traffic to it. This “traffic” is made up of countless potential customers who are already searching for exactly the product or service your business offers. If you don’t have a website yet, Local One can build one for you. They will help you select target key words to use in your web content that will be the same or very similar words that a searching customer uses to find you. Any time your business is linked to another page (called affiliation), or you use social media to publish your business name, this also increases traffic to your website.

The sections a search engine uses to produce results are with Local Listings (maps – which match the searching IP address to the IP address of the possible business), PayPerClick ads and the long list of generated, possible results. Business owners looking for new customers want their website linked at the top of these results, their advertisement at the top of the PayPerClick section, or their physical address marked on the Local Listings sections. Local One will put you there. Back to the restaurant example, Local One may recommend that your business uses “authentic” or “fast Mexican food” to specify your restaurant and make it stand out above others in town. When the searching customer uses the right keyword to find you, your restaurant will pop up in one or more of those three resulting areas and suddenly you’ve found yourself a new customer!

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